Gene OOCBI09972 (A0A026W692)

E Ooceraea biroi | 60S ribosomal protein L44

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General Information

Description60S ribosomal protein L44 GO_component: GO:0005622 - intracellular [Evidence IEA]; GO_component: GO:0005840 - ribosome [Evidence IEA]; GO_function: GO:0003735 - structural constituent of ribosome [Evidence IEA]; GO_process: GO:0006412 - translation [Evidence IEA]
Organism OOCBI - Ooceraea biroi
Locus[Unknown]: 767649 ... 768479
Number of exons4
Exonsjoin(767649..767654, 767982..768155, 768260..768376, 768459..768479)

IDs and Cross-references

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