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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
COLAP14144 (A0A2K5K3Z4)EColobus angolensis palliatus0 orthologs
COLAP14143 (A0A2K5K3W9)EColobus angolensis palliatus0 orthologs
RABIT05631 (G1SPE9)EOryctolagus cuniculus209 orthologs
ICTTR18327EIctidomys tridecemlineatus171 orthologs
DASNO08042EDasypus novemcinctus190 orthologs
PIGXX07552ESus scrofa0 orthologs
PIGXX07551 (A0A287B7T2)ESus scrofa187 orthologs
FELCA12581 (A0A5F5XMU8)EFelis catus191 orthologs
CANLF14556 (F1PI03)ECanis lupus familiaris187 orthologs
VULVU21844 (A0A3Q7SPK6)EVulpes vulpes186 orthologs
VULVU21846EVulpes vulpes0 orthologs
VULVU21845EVulpes vulpes0 orthologs
VULVU21847EVulpes vulpes0 orthologs
PROCA07955EProcavia capensis115 orthologs
PTEVA04966EPteropus vampyrus208 orthologs
JACJA11133EJaculus jaculus217 orthologs
ERIEU12743EErinaceus europaeus167 orthologs
CRIGR02532 (A0A061IH46)ECricetulus griseus205 orthologs
BOVIN12713EBos taurus170 orthologs
SHEEP12749 (W5NZ60)EOvis aries173 orthologs

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