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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
RHIFE04466 (A0A671F0N1)ERhinolophus ferrumequinum180 orthologs
ARAAL04247 (A0A087HIV5)EArabis alpina46 orthologs
ARALY07907EArabidopsis lyrata44 orthologs
ARATH09984 (PBL22_ARATH)EArabidopsis thaliana43 orthologs
BRARP27612 (M4DGY0)EBrassica rapa33 orthologs
BRANA26457EBrassica napus38 orthologs
BRANA73822EBrassica napus44 orthologs
BRANA72328EBrassica napus43 orthologs
BRARP26414 (M4CHP0)EBrassica rapa19 orthologs
BRANA25389EBrassica napus57 orthologs
BRAOL34200 (A0A0D3CWD0)EBrassica oleracea45 orthologs
NICAT00158 (A0A1J6IQX4)ENicotiana attenuata1 orthologs

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