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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
CROPO05180 (A0A7M4F0A2)ECrocodylus porosus0 orthologs
BRAOL53809 (A0A0D3EI47)EBrassica oleracea var. oleracea1 orthologs
BRANA90131 (A0A078FBJ5)EBrassica napus1 orthologs
NIACI03302 (A0A0J1L887)BNiallia circulans77 orthologs
METRJ03714 (B1LX51)BMethylobacterium radiotolerans3266 orthologs
AZOC500799 (A8IQN3)BAzorhizobium caulinodans2839 orthologs
ORCCI02314 (A0A1D2NGI1)EOrchesella cincta2561 orthologs
RHILO04320 (Q98BG7)BMesorhizobium japonicum3095 orthologs
METPB01241 (B1ZCT5)BMethylorubrum populi2966 orthologs
FRAAD01626 (H8KYR8)BFrateuria aurantia2489 orthologs
ASTMX15903EAstyanax mexicanus26 orthologs

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