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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
SETIT33377 (K4AA70)ESetaria italica67 orthologs
MAIZE11368 (B8A0V6)EZea mays64 orthologs
SORBI08237 (A0A1Z5S9E2)ESorghum bicolor61 orthologs
MAIZE95877 (K7VGS5)EZea mays67 orthologs
SOLLC30402 (A0A3Q7HSV9)ESolanum lycopersicum85 orthologs
SOLTU37604 (M1BA56)ESolanum tuberosum77 orthologs
CAPAN03416 (A0A2G3AGB0)ECapsicum annuum86 orthologs
TOBAC13364 (A0A1S4CKG5)ENicotiana tabacum87 orthologs
TOBAC69101 (A0A1S4BGF3)ENicotiana tabacum89 orthologs

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