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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
SORBI39128 (C5YUR9)ESorghum bicolor105 orthologs
MAIZE86228 (B4FMK8)EZea mays123 orthologs
ERATE28507EEragrostis tef104 orthologs
ERATE23059EEragrostis tef102 orthologs
SETIT09337 (K3Z6J9)ESetaria italica96 orthologs
ORYGL19184 (I1PTD5)EOryza glaberrima86 orthologs
ORYLO10651EOryza longistaminata101 orthologs
ORYPU21197 (A0A0E0KZT8)EOryza punctata97 orthologs
ORYBR20205 (J3M4Z5)EOryza brachyantha109 orthologs

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