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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
MAIZE93658 (B4FPK0)EZea mays112 orthologs
MAIZE93659 (A0A1D6P0U8)EZea mays0 orthologs
MAIZE93660 (A0A1D6P0U9)EZea mays0 orthologs
SORBI01923 (A0A194YKG6)ESorghum bicolor122 orthologs
MISSI80309EMiscanthus sinensis126 orthologs
MISSI80311EMiscanthus sinensis0 orthologs
MISSI80310EMiscanthus sinensis0 orthologs
TRITD37244ETriticum turgidum129 orthologs
TRITD37243ETriticum turgidum0 orthologs
WHEAT28125 (A0A3B6C6E3)ETriticum aestivum159 orthologs
TRITD37242ETriticum turgidum0 orthologs
TRITD37240ETriticum turgidum0 orthologs

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