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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
BRANA06187 (A0A078HRD9)EBrassica napus2 orthologs
BRARP28140 (M4DCY0)EBrassica rapa2 orthologs
BRANA22768 (A0A078FX29)EBrassica napus164 orthologs
BRARP24034 (M4E802)EBrassica rapa167 orthologs
BRAOL38903 (A0A0D3D9Z1)EBrassica oleracea167 orthologs
BRANA50270 (A0A078HG49)EBrassica napus3 orthologs
PRUPE27098 (M5XXW2)EPrunus persica167 orthologs
DAUCS19276 (A0A175YPX7)EDaucus carota225 orthologs
CHEQI28855EChenopodium quinoa5 orthologs
CHEQI19609EChenopodium quinoa172 orthologs
ARATH10745 (F4IM73)EArabidopsis thaliana189 orthologs
ARALY16245EArabidopsis lyrata192 orthologs
ARATH10746 (B3H5T8)EArabidopsis thaliana0 orthologs
ARAAL09643 (A0A087GTX8)EArabis alpina199 orthologs
BRANA76512EBrassica napus166 orthologs

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