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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
SORBI22721 (C5XXF4)ESorghum bicolor214 orthologs
ERATE14761EEragrostis tef213 orthologs
ERATE03262EEragrostis tef198 orthologs
ORYPU10848 (A0A0E0JWR0)EOryza punctata208 orthologs
ORYSJ11559 (A0A0P0VFV4)EOryza sativa71 orthologs
ORYRU13025 (A0A0E0NB42)EOryza rufipogon231 orthologs
ORYLO25203EOryza longistaminata141 orthologs
ORYNI12886 (A0A0E0G381)EOryza nivara221 orthologs
ORYGL09550 (I1NY61)EOryza glaberrima214 orthologs
ORYSI12478 (A2X1Y8)EOryza sativa224 orthologs
ORYBR10164 (J3LAH8)EOryza brachyantha210 orthologs
PINTA70270EPinus taeda29 orthologs
STRRB04086 (A0A090L2K9)EStrongyloides ratti14 orthologs
MAIZE53595 (B4FVC8)EZea mays0 orthologs
MISSI36343EMiscanthus sinensis166 orthologs
MAIZE53596 (A0A1D6QRJ9)EZea mays188 orthologs
MAIZE53598 (A0A1D6QRK2)EZea mays0 orthologs
MISSI44003EMiscanthus sinensis123 orthologs

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