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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
USTMA04315EUstilago maydis476 orthologs
USTHO04857EUstilago hordei489 orthologs
COPC701943 (A8NRM7)ECoprinopsis cinerea485 orthologs
COPCI16267ECoprinopsis cinerea485 orthologs
LACBI15355ELaccaria bicolor489 orthologs
CONPW12866 (R7SFK2)EConiophora puteana489 orthologs
SERID02351 (G4TAW0)ESerendipita indica498 orthologs
GLOTR06817EGloeophyllum trabeum489 orthologs
MONPE13359EMoniliophthora perniciosa9 orthologs
SCHCO10431ESchizophyllum commune488 orthologs
TRAVS05538ETrametes versicolor487 orthologs
DICSQ03998EDichomitus squalens488 orthologs

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