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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
UNCRE05684 (C4JSC0)EUncinocarpus reesii461 orthologs
WHEAT122409 (A0A3B6SGS6)ETriticum aestivum0 orthologs
MISSI04780EMiscanthus sinensis156 orthologs
SORBI08452 (C5X0R6)ESorghum bicolor156 orthologs
MISSI11414EMiscanthus sinensis136 orthologs
MAIZE10953 (B4FLH1)EZea mays146 orthologs
SETVI48219 (A0A4U6T625)ESetaria viridis144 orthologs
SETIT33547 (K4AG07)ESetaria italica134 orthologs
TYTAL07014ETyto alba0 orthologs
TYTAL07013ETyto alba0 orthologs
TYTAL07012ETyto alba51 orthologs
LEPSE02883 (A0A0N1I5I4)ELeptomonas seymouri9 orthologs

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