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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
POPTR31100 (B9GF65)EPopulus trichocarpa143 orthologs
MANES19743 (A0A2C9V1I1)EManihot esculenta137 orthologs
GOSAR02276 (A0A6P4Q2S5)EGossypium arboreum148 orthologs
GOSRA22514 (A0A0D2NF25)EGossypium raimondii20 orthologs
GOSHI45326 (A0A1U8MAS0)EGossypium hirsutum96 orthologs
PRUDU17489 (A0A5E4FHX2)EPrunus dulcis142 orthologs
PRUPE08629 (M5WW88)EPrunus persica161 orthologs
QUELO15160 (A0A7N2QZL8)EQuercus lobata131 orthologs
GOSHI14524 (A0A1U8MBH4)EGossypium hirsutum144 orthologs

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