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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
ARALY22361EArabidopsis lyrata813 orthologs
BRAOL47994 (A0A3P6E9U8)EBrassica oleracea var. oleracea776 orthologs
BRANA84859 (A0A816IUK7)EBrassica napus728 orthologs
BRANA30555 (A0A078G2Y3)EBrassica napus756 orthologs
BRARP31509 (M4F661)EBrassica rapa767 orthologs
ARATH35239 (GCT21_ARATH)EArabidopsis thaliana802 orthologs
ARATH35238 (A0A1R7T3I6)EArabidopsis thaliana0 orthologs
EUTSA13171 (V4KQA1)EEutrema salsugineum793 orthologs
GAMAF27627EGambusia affinis214 orthologs

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