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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
CANSA33530 (A0A803PGT2)ECannabis sativa87 orthologs
TOBAC66546 (A0A1S4B701)ENicotiana tabacum71 orthologs
NICAT03806 (A0A1J6JEP4)ENicotiana attenuata73 orthologs
TOBAC01752 (A0A1S4D1U5)ENicotiana tabacum70 orthologs
CAPAN29720 (A0A2G2XJ58)ECapsicum annuum3 orthologs
SOLTU40674 (M1BPA8)ESolanum tuberosum74 orthologs
SOLLC32839 (A0A3Q7I4G4)ESolanum lycopersicum75 orthologs
CAPAN08068 (A0A2G2ZXU1)ECapsicum annuum67 orthologs
VITVI21502 (D7SQJ7)EVitis vinifera83 orthologs

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