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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
PRUPE01909EPrunus persica78 orthologs
PRUDU27072 (A0A5E4G9S9)EPrunus dulcis77 orthologs
SOLLC30081 (A0A3Q7HNT5)ESolanum lycopersicum77 orthologs
SOLTU37219 (M0ZYX7)ESolanum tuberosum77 orthologs
TOBAC51483 (A0A1S3ZMH3)ENicotiana tabacum76 orthologs
TOBAC53561 (A0A1S3ZV37)ENicotiana tabacum78 orthologs
NICAT18995 (A0A1J6JV69)ENicotiana attenuata77 orthologs
CAPAN10684 (A0A1U8DUK0)ECapsicum annuum76 orthologs
HELAN23164 (A0A251RLB2)EHelianthus annuus75 orthologs
PAPSO34822 (A0A4Y7KNB9)EPapaver somniferum77 orthologs
PAPSO22432 (A0A4Y7K9Z5)EPapaver somniferum77 orthologs

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