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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
PENIT08882 (A0A0A2L846)EPenicillium italicum260 orthologs
PENPA02766 (A0A135LX00)EPenicillium patulum259 orthologs
PEND204075 (K9FQI1)EPenicillium digitatum261 orthologs
ARALY12378EArabidopsis lyrata139 orthologs
ARATH12399 (DGK3_ARATH)EArabidopsis thaliana131 orthologs
ARAAL07371 (A0A087HDQ8)EArabis alpina128 orthologs
BRARP24623 (M4FCJ7)EBrassica rapa117 orthologs
BRANA23483 (A0A078IH63)EBrassica napus110 orthologs
BRANA74791 (A0A078FJ59)EBrassica napus108 orthologs
BRAOL36454 (A0A3P6EFD0)EBrassica oleracea111 orthologs

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