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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
RHIFE00425 (A0A671ECY0)ERhinolophus ferrumequinum0 orthologs
DASNO09934EDasypus novemcinctus283 orthologs
SETIT03474 (K3YWM2)ESetaria italica0 orthologs
CERSS28966ECeratotherium simum simum339 orthologs
PTEVA13562 (A0A6P3QZ52)EPteropus vampyrus283 orthologs
HORSE01045 (FRIL_HORSE)EEquus caballus194 orthologs
EQUAS26643 (A0A8C4L6Y3)EEquus asinus asinus251 orthologs
HORSE18231 (F6X7P2)EEquus caballus149 orthologs
RHIZD10226 (A0A1X0RMJ6)ERhizopus microsporus4 orthologs

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