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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
PICSI04884 (A9P262)EPicea sitchensis792 orthologs
PICSI12808 (A9P262)EPicea sitchensis780 orthologs
PINTA78009EPinus taeda0 orthologs
PICGL04495EPicea glauca794 orthologs
PICSI15490EPicea sitchensis797 orthologs
PINTA82783EPinus taeda21 orthologs
PICGL19934EPicea glauca801 orthologs
ARAAL00020 (A0A087HK56)EArabis alpina773 orthologs
ARALY00110EArabidopsis lyrata773 orthologs
BRARP37294 (M4EWU1)EBrassica rapa755 orthologs
ARATH00046 (A0A178WFK4)EArabidopsis thaliana775 orthologs
BRAOL25782 (A0A0D3C6Z3)EBrassica oleracea775 orthologs
BRANA65112 (A0A078FPZ0)EBrassica napus780 orthologs
BRANA35706EBrassica napus731 orthologs

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