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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
ARALY23422EArabidopsis lyrata55 orthologs
ARATH25987 (Q940N7)EArabidopsis thaliana54 orthologs
ARAAL13464 (A0A087GQS0)EArabis alpina51 orthologs
BRAOL08851 (A0A0D3ASM1)EBrassica oleracea var. oleracea51 orthologs
BRANA49589 (A0A816KEV6)EBrassica napus51 orthologs
BRARP18333 (M4DPS2)EBrassica rapa52 orthologs
BRANA05587 (A0A816X1F6)EBrassica napus52 orthologs
GADMO46061 (A0A8C5CI75)EGadus morhua86 orthologs
SETVI18905 (A0A4U6TZ71)ESetaria viridis3 orthologs
SETVI18904 (A0A4U6TKT1)ESetaria viridis0 orthologs

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