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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
MELRP00658 (I6Z457)BMelioribacter roseus1272 orthologs
MAIZE40313 (A0A1D6N7D2)EZea mays127 orthologs
HORVV77191 (A0A8I7B648)EHordeum vulgare135 orthologs
WHEAT58750 (A0A3B6H1A0)ETriticum aestivum127 orthologs
WHEAT51493 (A0A077S1W2)ETriticum aestivum126 orthologs
SETVI30826 (A0A4U6UU95)ESetaria viridis125 orthologs
SETIT19707 (K3XHV7)ESetaria italica125 orthologs
MISSI28798EMiscanthus sinensis129 orthologs
MAIZE90272 (K7VB93)EZea mays122 orthologs
SORBI20542 (C5XPQ7)ESorghum bicolor127 orthologs
MISSI34082EMiscanthus sinensis126 orthologs
WHEAT44312 (A0A3B6EL96)ETriticum aestivum126 orthologs
TRIHA09963 (A0A0F9XB93)ETrichoderma harzianum31 orthologs

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