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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
PHAAN06998 (A0A0L9VHG8)EPhaseolus angularis97 orthologs
PHAVU16403 (V7C425)EPhaseolus vulgaris98 orthologs
CAPAN24857 (A0A1U8EIC9)ECapsicum annuum92 orthologs
TOBAC17556 (A0A1S4D077)ENicotiana tabacum94 orthologs
TOBAC56594 (A0A1S4A5Z8)ENicotiana tabacum92 orthologs
POPTR22534EPopulus trichocarpa0 orthologs
POPTR22533 (B9N5G5)EPopulus trichocarpa91 orthologs
PSEDA03843 (A0A084FVH3)EPseudallescheria apiosperma142 orthologs
PINTA39260EPinus taeda5 orthologs
CANSA29666 (A0A803P2X6)ECannabis sativa94 orthologs
SOLLC27199 (A0A3Q7H7T4)ESolanum lycopersicum1 orthologs
SOLTU33876 (M1AFM3)ESolanum tuberosum93 orthologs

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