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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
HELAN00158 (A0A251TGB5)EHelianthus annuus72 orthologs
BRANA14849 (A0A078HLG4)EBrassica napus66 orthologs
ARALY14504EArabidopsis lyrata68 orthologs
ARAAL12250 (A0A087GMA6)EArabis alpina82 orthologs
BRAOL24754 (A0A0D3C3Z9)EBrassica oleracea67 orthologs
BRANA63783 (A0A078IXN2)EBrassica napus67 orthologs
BRARP16016 (M4DZC7)EBrassica rapa67 orthologs
ARATH14832 (UBC24_ARATH)EArabidopsis thaliana73 orthologs
SOLTU17177 (M1CWR6)ESolanum tuberosum148 orthologs
TOBAC12210 (A0A1S4CG90)ENicotiana tabacum146 orthologs
SOLLC13347 (K4B946)ESolanum lycopersicum149 orthologs
TOBAC72224 (A0A1S4BSZ2)ENicotiana tabacum142 orthologs

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