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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
JACJA10853 (A0A8C5L1Q4)EJaculus jaculus454 orthologs
JACJA10854 (A0A8C5L3Y7)EJaculus jaculus0 orthologs
DIPOR13105 (A0A1S3FNB9)EDipodomys ordii951 orthologs
MOUSE55732 (LHPP_MOUSE)EMus musculus451 orthologs
MOUSE55733 (LHPP_MOUSE)EMus musculus0 orthologs
CRIGR16513ECricetulus griseus354 orthologs
RATNO17883 (A0A8I6GMN4)ERattus norvegicus325 orthologs
RATNO17882 (Q5I0D5)ERattus norvegicus0 orthologs
PROCO14750 (A0A2K6G2A9)EPropithecus coquereli0 orthologs
PROCO14749 (A0A2K6G2B7)EPropithecus coquereli514 orthologs
CERAT13371 (A0A2K5P699)ECercocebus atys368 orthologs
CERAT13372 (A0A2K5P6C9)ECercocebus atys0 orthologs
TUPBE11559ETupaia belangeri1003 orthologs

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