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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
CITCL13829 (V4U7U9)ECitrus clementina3 orthologs
BRANA65118 (A0A078FQR1)EBrassica napus112 orthologs
BRAOL25788 (A0A0D3C6Z9)EBrassica oleracea121 orthologs
BRARP37288 (M4EWU7)EBrassica rapa79 orthologs
BRANA35711EBrassica napus117 orthologs
ARATH00027 (CIPK9_ARATH)EArabidopsis thaliana0 orthologs
ARATH00029 (CIPK9_ARATH)EArabidopsis thaliana132 orthologs
ARATH00028 (CIPK9_ARATH)EArabidopsis thaliana0 orthologs
ARALY00122EArabidopsis lyrata147 orthologs

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