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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
SALSV02907 (A0A0N1QWD0)BSalmonella schwarzengrund885 orthologs
SALA402896 (B5F4S4)BSalmonella agona362 orthologs
SALNS02991 (A0A0H3BS06)BSalmonella newport336 orthologs
PSEPJ02689 (A0A0V0R209)EPseudocohnilembus persalinus251 orthologs
XIPMA06365EXiphophorus maculatus146 orthologs
POEFO20858 (A0A087X6Q2)EPoecilia formosa117 orthologs
PARBA02589 (C1GVR7)EParacoccidioides lutzii47 orthologs
PARBD01592 (C1G3W7)EParacoccidioides brasiliensis46 orthologs
AJEC807788 (F0URP6)EAjellomyces capsulatus31 orthologs

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