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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
HELAN16478 (A0A251SM01)EHelianthus annuus372 orthologs
CYNCS19440 (A0A103XXN2)ECynara cardunculus var. scolymus213 orthologs
PRUDU07706 (A0A5E4ENT9)EPrunus dulcis245 orthologs
PRUPE02473 (M5WLZ6)EPrunus persica236 orthologs
CITCL00493 (V4SY94)ECitrus clementina224 orthologs
GIBM705341EGibberella moniliformis0 orthologs
POPTR07811EPopulus trichocarpa185 orthologs
POPTR07810 (D1KKB1)EPopulus trichocarpa0 orthologs
DAUCS12204 (A0A175YGC2)EDaucus carota113 orthologs
MANES08855EManihot esculenta245 orthologs

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