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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
KLEFL12944EKlebsormidium flaccidum1561 orthologs
LUPAN08911 (A0A1J7GVX9)ELupinus angustifolius81 orthologs
LUPAN11724 (A0A1J7G3I8)ELupinus angustifolius84 orthologs
BRARP16936 (M4CK07)EBrassica rapa71 orthologs
BRANA15930EBrassica napus62 orthologs
EUCGR04591 (A0A059BZY7)EEucalyptus grandis97 orthologs
BRAOL25769 (A0A0D3C6Y0)EBrassica oleracea6 orthologs
BRANA65098 (A0A078FQP4)EBrassica napus6 orthologs
BRARP37306 (M4EWS9)EBrassica rapa6 orthologs
BRANA35692EBrassica napus4 orthologs
ROSCH43119 (A0A2P6SIC0)ERosa chinensis109 orthologs
ROSCH06688 (A0A2P6P6A8)ERosa chinensis67 orthologs
ARALY00088EArabidopsis lyrata27 orthologs
ARATH00077 (Q6NQ63)EArabidopsis thaliana14 orthologs

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