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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
CONC200387 (A0A137PI14)EConidiobolus coronatus3 orthologs
BRANA35664EBrassica napus70 orthologs
BRARP37338 (M4EWP7)EBrassica rapa69 orthologs
BRAOL25737 (A0A0D3C6U8)EBrassica oleracea72 orthologs
BRANA65070 (A0A078FQK5)EBrassica napus70 orthologs
ARAAL00063 (A0A087HK99)EArabis alpina68 orthologs
ARALY00050EArabidopsis lyrata75 orthologs
ARATH00143 (KEA1_ARATH)EArabidopsis thaliana55 orthologs
BRANA90741 (A0A078HL62)EBrassica napus67 orthologs
BRARP36672 (M4EV18)EBrassica rapa65 orthologs
PLAVS02430 (A5JZZ6)EPlasmodium vivax9 orthologs
COCAP26303 (A0A1R3IJL6)ECorchorus capsularis45 orthologs

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