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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
DROBP09416EDrosophila bipectinata469 orthologs
DROAN03500EDrosophila ananassae464 orthologs
DROKI03672EDrosophila kikkawai457 orthologs
DROMO13715EDrosophila mojavensis454 orthologs
DROHY12977 (A0A6J1LTF3)EDrosophila hydei448 orthologs
DRONA01171 (A0A484BX36)EDrosophila navojoa448 orthologs
DROWI13718EDrosophila willistoni495 orthologs
DROBS10146 (A0A0M5J2L8)EDrosophila busckii511 orthologs
MAIZE73550 (A0A1D6MAP4)EZea mays0 orthologs

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