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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
SALSA73399ESalmo salar325 orthologs
SALSA115850ESalmo salar0 orthologs
ESOLU41152 (A0A3P9AEG8)EEsox lucius355 orthologs
ESOLU14659EEsox lucius0 orthologs
SALSA73398 (PSB9_SALSA)ESalmo salar0 orthologs
SALSA115858ESalmo salar0 orthologs
ESOLU14658EEsox lucius0 orthologs
SALSA115857 (PSB9_SALSA)ESalmo salar0 orthologs
ESOLU14657 (C1BY88)EEsox lucius345 orthologs
SALSA115859ESalmo salar0 orthologs
NEMVE07147 (A7S1L2)ENematostella vectensis607 orthologs
MONBE07921 (A9UWM7)EMonosiga brevicollis718 orthologs
ANGAN35082EAnguilla anguilla664 orthologs

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