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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
PIGXX06861 (F1RKH4)ESus scrofa0 orthologs
PIGXX06860ESus scrofa149 orthologs
MANJA38801EManis javanica149 orthologs
RHIFE27937 (A0A671F739)ERhinolophus ferrumequinum150 orthologs
PROCA14941EProcavia capensis152 orthologs
PTEVA13609 (A0A6P3Q4R7)EPteropus vampyrus150 orthologs
SHEEP07363 (W5NUW9)EOvis aries147 orthologs
BOVIN09540 (HSPB8_BOVIN)EBos taurus151 orthologs
BOBOX33148 (A0A4W2DZT3)EBos indicus x Bos taurus151 orthologs
CAPHI07700 (A0A452ESM3)ECapra hircus151 orthologs
TURTR08207ETursiops truncatus117 orthologs
BALMU01958 (A0A8C0DIJ9)EBalaenoptera musculus150 orthologs

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