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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
SHIDS02871 (Q32AS3)BShigella dysenteriae1138 orthologs
SHIFL00581 (A0A0H2VZI4)BShigella flexneri1143 orthologs
SHIF203252 (D2A9Q7)BShigella flexneri1129 orthologs
SHISS03104 (Q3YW68)BShigella sonnei1133 orthologs
ECOCB03937 (D3QU65)BEscherichia coli1136 orthologs
SHIBS02910 (Q31VG6)BShigella boydii1133 orthologs
SHIFL03801 (A0A0H2V2D4)BShigella flexneri1143 orthologs
TRYVY02273 (F9WRR1)ETrypanosoma vivax107 orthologs
ENTAL04097BEnterobacter asburiae761 orthologs
CITK804734 (A8AR14)BCitrobacter koseri969 orthologs
TRYVY03178 (F9WUB6)ETrypanosoma vivax5 orthologs
TRYVY02671 (F9WSV9)ETrypanosoma vivax108 orthologs
TRYVY00293 (F9WL31)ETrypanosoma vivax12 orthologs
TRYVY01242 (F9WNT0)ETrypanosoma vivax108 orthologs

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