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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
SOLLC13071 (A0A3Q7FPJ9)ESolanum lycopersicum169 orthologs
SOLTU16962 (M1CRH8)ESolanum tuberosum170 orthologs
TOBAC55059 (A0A1S4A066)ENicotiana tabacum196 orthologs
TOBAC21222 (A0A1S4DD18)ENicotiana tabacum202 orthologs
NICAT14293 (A0A1J6KB70)ENicotiana attenuata191 orthologs
OOCBI08774 (A0A026W8T4)EOoceraea biroi136 orthologs
ARATH37272 (F4KEM5)EArabidopsis thaliana0 orthologs
ARATH37271 (F4KEM4)EArabidopsis thaliana245 orthologs
ARALY28271EArabidopsis lyrata255 orthologs

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