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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
SALMN29054 (A0A8D0BX67)ESalvator merianae291 orthologs
TIGCA07238 (A0A553NQB2)ETigriopus californicus0 orthologs
MISSI27706EMiscanthus sinensis611 orthologs
SETVI36726 (A0A4U6UJ54)ESetaria viridis611 orthologs
SETIT18784 (K3XMZ1)ESetaria italica611 orthologs
BRADI12200 (I1HQT2)EBrachypodium distachyon611 orthologs
ERATE20627EEragrostis tef618 orthologs
ERATE33226EEragrostis tef612 orthologs
SORBI19473 (C5XHM7)ESorghum bicolor609 orthologs
SINGR12542 (A0A672PA95)ESinocyclocheilus grahami106 orthologs

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