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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
CANSA29589 (A0A803NXN9)ECannabis sativa33 orthologs
PRUPE12994 (M5XDX1)EPrunus persica35 orthologs
GOSHI46779EGossypium hirsutum32 orthologs
GOSRA33462 (A0A0D2MYU7)EGossypium raimondii33 orthologs
MEDTR21248EMedicago truncatula36 orthologs
GOSAR05512 (A0A6P4MV25)EGossypium arboreum33 orthologs
GOSHI15698 (A0A1U8HLF9)EGossypium hirsutum32 orthologs
THECC03676 (A0A061DVL0)ETheobroma cacao33 orthologs
CITCL06008 (V4TDJ5)ECitrus clementina36 orthologs
VITVI24812 (D7U7K5)EVitis vinifera40 orthologs
COCAP11793 (A0A1R3I7U8)ECorchorus capsularis33 orthologs
PRUDU10057 (A0A5E4EUH3)EPrunus dulcis35 orthologs

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