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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
THECC22166 (A0A061F6K2)ETheobroma cacao68 orthologs
GOSRA66125 (A0A0D2SI79)EGossypium raimondii69 orthologs
GOSAR27622 (A0A0B0PVY5)EGossypium arboreum70 orthologs
TOBAC44590 (A0A1S3YY82)ENicotiana tabacum68 orthologs
COCAP07881 (A0A1R3ILL9)ECorchorus capsularis1 orthologs
TOBAC20798 (A0A1S4DBF4)ENicotiana tabacum67 orthologs
NICAT03993 (A0A1J6IUD6)ENicotiana attenuata69 orthologs
SOLTU13074 (M1CP26)ESolanum tuberosum68 orthologs
SOLLC04859 (A0A3Q7J1J2)ESolanum lycopersicum70 orthologs
CITCL20522 (V4UN00)ECitrus clementina67 orthologs
MANES14532 (A0A2C9W957)EManihot esculenta71 orthologs

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