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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
SORBI38035 (C5YSW8)ESorghum bicolor83 orthologs
ACTCC12709 (A0A2R6QMH6)EActinidia chinensis var. chinensis80 orthologs
BRADI19774 (I1IG71)EBrachypodium distachyon84 orthologs
ORYSJ10767 (Q2QLR6)EOryza sativa84 orthologs
ORYRU12209 (A0A0E0RKD3)EOryza rufipogon83 orthologs
ORYLO21326EOryza longistaminata84 orthologs
ORYPU10127 (A0A0E0MPX0)EOryza punctata83 orthologs
ORYSI11659 (A2ZN13)EOryza sativa84 orthologs
ORYNI11951 (A0A0E0JCS6)EOryza nivara85 orthologs
ORYBR09468 (J3NF81)EOryza brachyantha83 orthologs
ORYGL08809 (I1R844)EOryza glaberrima84 orthologs
SETIT12690 (K3Z5I1)ESetaria italica83 orthologs
SETVI39251 (A0A4U6VN75)ESetaria viridis0 orthologs
SETVI39250 (A0A4U6VN75)ESetaria viridis0 orthologs
SETVI39249 (A0A4U6VN75)ESetaria viridis83 orthologs
MISSI64762EMiscanthus sinensis83 orthologs
MAIZE14365 (A0A1D6KGS7)EZea mays83 orthologs

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