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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
HYPVG04714 (G9N751)EHypocrea virens77 orthologs
TRIHA05251 (A0A0F9XC68)ETrichoderma harzianum72 orthologs
AURPU10546EAureobasidium pullulans95 orthologs
HYPJE02025EHypocrea jecorina99 orthologs
VITBC21273 (A0A0G4GIU0)EVitrella brassicaformis0 orthologs
CITK801268 (A8AG44)BCitrobacter koseri2585 orthologs
ENTCC01593 (A0A0H3CHS5)BEnterobacter cloacae2571 orthologs
CITRI01695 (D2TL73)BCitrobacter rodentium2404 orthologs
PANVC03235 (E1SK09)BPantoea vagans180 orthologs

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