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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
BRALA07391EBranchiostoma lanceolatum0 orthologs
BRADI18574 (I1IC46)EBrachypodium distachyon73 orthologs
WHEAT100986 (A0A3B6NRP7)ETriticum aestivum72 orthologs
HORVV150935EHordeum vulgare0 orthologs
WHEAT106652 (A0A3B6PNN4)ETriticum aestivum74 orthologs
AEGTA06339 (M8CZ20)EAegilops tauschii78 orthologs
WHEAT111766 (A0A3B6QIQ5)ETriticum aestivum73 orthologs
TRIUA02274 (T1NPD1)ETriticum urartu78 orthologs
COFCA02433 (A0A068VJV1)ECoffea canephora75 orthologs
HORVV150934EHordeum vulgare0 orthologs
HORVV150933 (F2D745)EHordeum vulgare0 orthologs
CAPAN08109 (A0A2G2ZY11)ECapsicum annuum75 orthologs
SORBI25520 (C5XS21)ESorghum bicolor75 orthologs
MAIZE63641 (C0PA21)EZea mays76 orthologs

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