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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
YERE100588 (A0A0H3NQV5)BYersinia enterocolitica88 orthologs
YERE302388 (A0A0E1NF61)BYersinia enterocolitica88 orthologs
YERE801648 (A1JLX4)BYersinia enterocolitica88 orthologs
KLEPH04582 (A0A0W8AWR7)BKlebsiella pneumoniae101 orthologs
KLEP703439 (A6TE95)BKlebsiella pneumoniae101 orthologs
KLEVT00602 (A0A0B7GES0)BKlebsiella variicola101 orthologs
KLEP300619 (B5XU07)BKlebsiella pneumoniae101 orthologs
VIBFN01662BVibrio furnissii96 orthologs
METAQ00371 (E9DRK2)EMetarhizium acridum127 orthologs

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