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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
BRAOL29292 (A0A0D3CH49)EBrassica oleracea227 orthologs
BRANA17424 (A0A078F875)EBrassica napus146 orthologs
BRARP18908 (M4FIA5)EBrassica rapa230 orthologs
BRANA67979 (A0A078FB69)EBrassica napus149 orthologs
ARATH20719 (CDC73_ARATH)EArabidopsis thaliana311 orthologs
ARALY10881EArabidopsis lyrata303 orthologs
ARAAL06662 (A0A087HBP9)EArabis alpina292 orthologs
SOYBN04090 (I1LFW0)EGlycine max242 orthologs
PHAAN13744 (A0A0L9TBV0)EPhaseolus angularis274 orthologs
PHAVU07844 (V7CIA8)EPhaseolus vulgaris238 orthologs

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