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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
ICTTR12394 (I3M9C9)EIctidomys tridecemlineatus351 orthologs
ICTTR12323EIctidomys tridecemlineatus155 orthologs
JACJA10412 (A0A8C5L6J9)EJaculus jaculus273 orthologs
JACJA10411 (A0A8C5L8I9)EJaculus jaculus0 orthologs
ICTTR12393EIctidomys tridecemlineatus272 orthologs
CANLF16821ECanis lupus familiaris260 orthologs
VULVU10708EVulpes vulpes173 orthologs
VULVU10707EVulpes vulpes0 orthologs
VULVU10706EVulpes vulpes0 orthologs
VULVU10705EVulpes vulpes0 orthologs
MANJA54116EManis javanica286 orthologs
MICMU14719EMicrocebus murinus297 orthologs
MUSPF05960 (M3XX29)EMustela putorius furo256 orthologs
MUSPF00142 (M3YDX4)EMustela putorius furo238 orthologs
PAEMK03766 (F8F8Z3)BPaenibacillus mucilaginosus230 orthologs

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