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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
PHAAN00727 (A0A0L9VAP0)EPhaseolus angularis75 orthologs
PHAVU14369 (V7CHW7)EPhaseolus vulgaris77 orthologs
MEDTR40490 (G7JL67)EMedicago truncatula78 orthologs
SOYBN64890 (K7L305)EGlycine max76 orthologs
SOYBN64889 (K7L306)EGlycine max0 orthologs
HELAN07264 (A0A251T030)EHelianthus annuus40 orthologs
HELAN02733 (A0A251TMA8)EHelianthus annuus15 orthologs
ORYBR28370 (J3MTR3)EOryza brachyantha78 orthologs
ORYSJ23960 (Q6F2Y9)EOryza sativa77 orthologs
ORYSI26229 (B8B006)EOryza sativa78 orthologs
ORYGL20486 (I1PXC5)EOryza glaberrima77 orthologs
ORYPU29817 (A0A0E0LVU4)EOryza punctata78 orthologs
SORBI34760 (A0A1B6PI08)ESorghum bicolor77 orthologs
MISSI39122EMiscanthus sinensis77 orthologs
MAIZE15422 (A0A1D6KL95)EZea mays75 orthologs
SETVI24036 (A0A4U6U6S4)ESetaria viridis76 orthologs
SETVI24037 (A0A4U6U6S4)ESetaria viridis0 orthologs
SETVI24038 (A0A4U6U6S4)ESetaria viridis0 orthologs
SETIT22479 (K3YHK0)ESetaria italica78 orthologs
ERATE08029EEragrostis tef76 orthologs

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