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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
CAPAN31035 (A0A2G3A6R2)ECapsicum annuum0 orthologs
CAPAN27296 (A0A2G2XZY2)ECapsicum annuum83 orthologs
ORYBR14451 (J3LN40)EOryza brachyantha83 orthologs
ORYPU15229 (A0A0E0KCU2)EOryza punctata83 orthologs
ORYLO19629EOryza longistaminata83 orthologs
ORYGL13612 (I1PAM9)EOryza glaberrima83 orthologs
ORYRU17997 (A0A0E0NU27)EOryza rufipogon82 orthologs
ORYSJ16182 (SRL2_ORYSJ)EOryza sativa83 orthologs
ORYNI17832 (A0A0E0GLE4)EOryza nivara83 orthologs
ORYSI17342 (A2XFV6)EOryza sativa83 orthologs
BRADI06296 (I1H670)EBrachypodium distachyon83 orthologs
GOSHI27612EGossypium hirsutum93 orthologs

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