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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
CIMLE18656 (A0A8I6TFB9)ECimex lectularius35 orthologs
MISSI32153EMiscanthus sinensis0 orthologs
MISSI32152EMiscanthus sinensis71 orthologs
MISSI26874EMiscanthus sinensis71 orthologs
SORBI18739 (A0A1B6Q4L3)ESorghum bicolor72 orthologs
MAIZE88014 (B6TQW3)EZea mays72 orthologs
GAMAF01911EGambusia affinis58 orthologs
SETIT18075 (K3XLJ5)ESetaria italica72 orthologs
SETVI35626 (A0A4V6D6Q2)ESetaria viridis72 orthologs

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