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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
ARAAL07812 (A0A087H0T5)EArabis alpina130 orthologs
BRANA58605 (A0A078GGZ1)EBrassica napus144 orthologs
BRAOL19196 (A0A0D3BMU8)EBrassica oleracea141 orthologs
BRANA27219EBrassica napus144 orthologs
BRARP28085 (M4EQ82)EBrassica rapa142 orthologs
BRARP20567 (M4FEY9)EBrassica rapa141 orthologs
BRANA19495 (A0A078GHL0)EBrassica napus141 orthologs
ARATH06596 (NCL_ARATH)EArabidopsis thaliana148 orthologs
ARALY04829EArabidopsis lyrata136 orthologs
CUCSA13705 (A0A0A0L3B8)ECucumis sativus146 orthologs
LUPAN08373 (A0A1J7GY52)ELupinus angustifolius144 orthologs

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