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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
THECL02690 (A0A0N5CR39)EThelazia callipaeda1 orthologs
ARATH37972 (Y5010_ARATH)EArabidopsis thaliana62 orthologs
ARALY29404EArabidopsis lyrata68 orthologs
BRANA36192 (A0A078HJA2)EBrassica napus83 orthologs
BRANA87070EBrassica napus74 orthologs
BRAOL50877 (A0A3P6EB65)EBrassica oleracea var. oleracea74 orthologs
ARAAL18723 (A0A087G9T6)EArabis alpina107 orthologs
BRARP36709 (M4FA28)EBrassica rapa134 orthologs
BRANA34263 (A0A078FKV4)EBrassica napus514 orthologs
BRANA83026 (A0A816UX18)EBrassica napus525 orthologs
BRANA34262 (A0A078FH76)EBrassica napus528 orthologs
THEAN01643 (Q4UB61)ETheileria annulata1 orthologs
TRIHA07698 (A0A0F9X4S4)ETrichoderma harzianum339 orthologs
EUTLA05871 (M7SH82)EEutypa lata13 orthologs
TALSN07863 (B8MHQ8)ETalaromyces stipitatus74 orthologs

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