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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
ROSCH12601 (A0A2P6PN74)ERosa chinensis181 orthologs
ARATH34875 (A0A1P8BAU8)EArabidopsis thaliana33 orthologs
ARATH34876 (Q9FF91)EArabidopsis thaliana0 orthologs
ARALY22081EArabidopsis lyrata14 orthologs
BRARP22976 (M4CZR6)EBrassica rapa9 orthologs
BRANA21927 (A0A816SSM0)EBrassica napus9 orthologs
BRAOL40040 (A0A0D3DD88)EBrassica oleracea var. oleracea15 orthologs
BRANA77486 (A0A816NAE7)EBrassica napus14 orthologs
EUTSA13599 (V4KX23)EEutrema salsugineum0 orthologs
EUTSA13600 (V4KL20)EEutrema salsugineum22 orthologs

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