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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
POPTR42657EPopulus trichocarpa0 orthologs
POPTR42658 (A0A2K2ASE0)EPopulus trichocarpa65 orthologs
PRUPE06941 (M5WX77)EPrunus persica69 orthologs
PRUDU27306 (A0A5E4GA77)EPrunus dulcis67 orthologs
CANSA10155 (A0A803PWA7)ECannabis sativa1 orthologs
THECC14320 (A0A061EGS5)ETheobroma cacao72 orthologs
CITCL28010 (V4STD2)ECitrus clementina70 orthologs
VITVI25473EVitis vinifera67 orthologs
QUELO04631 (A0A7N2REE8)EQuercus lobata72 orthologs
QUELO12107 (A0A7N2KW69)EQuercus lobata72 orthologs
LUCCU10673 (A0A0L0CRT3)ELucilia cuprina0 orthologs
CYNCS21066 (A0A124SGG3)ECynara cardunculus var. scolymus1 orthologs

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