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EntrySpeciesNr Orthologs
EUCGR36180 (A0A059DG89)EEucalyptus grandis36 orthologs
LOTJA19006ELotus japonicus77 orthologs
GOSHI64793 (A0A1U8HVS8)EGossypium hirsutum62 orthologs
GOSAR32925 (A0A6P4M5G0)EGossypium arboreum70 orthologs
GOSRA43573 (A0A0D2RX54)EGossypium raimondii69 orthologs
GOSHI67505EGossypium hirsutum69 orthologs
PRUPE10067 (M5WAT8)EPrunus persica77 orthologs
PRUDU26226 (A0A5E4G718)EPrunus dulcis83 orthologs
SOYBN49749 (K7KFX8)EGlycine max72 orthologs
CORLD00663 (C0XT30)BCorynebacterium lipophiloflavum203 orthologs
CHEQI44195 (A0A803KSS4)EChenopodium quinoa37 orthologs

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